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Volume 6 – Issue 3 (July-September) 2015 (GR-EN)

CONTENTS The impact of improve-it study Editorial (GR) Pages 153-154 M. Elisaf, T. Alexandrides, A. Kei, E. Liberopoulos   Europe to US Re-establish specific low density lipoprotein cholesterol targets because we all need them Review (GR) Pages 155-159 V.G. Athyros, K. Tziomalos, A. Karagiannis   Endothelial dysfunction in heart failure. The role of statins Review (GR) Pages 160-167 E. Oikonomou, G. Siasos, Ch. Chrysohoou, D. Tousoulis   Non-haemostatic functions of Factor Xa. Are there pleiotropic effects […]

Volume 6 – Issue 2 (April-June) 2015 (GR)

Intensive glucose control in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and incidence of cardiovascular events. Has this issue been resolved? Editorial (GR) Pages 79-82 K. Kaitanidis, Chr. Boutari, A. Lazaridis, M. Doumas, K. Tziomalos, V.G. Athyros   Metabolic syndrome, Barrett’s oesophagus, the risk of oesophageal adenocarcinoma, and statin treatment Short review article (GR) Pages 83-85 Chr. Boutari, […]

Volume 6 – Issue 1 (January-March) – 2015 (GR)

CONTENTS Risk of cardiovascular disease in women with diabetes mellitus Is it indeed higher than in men? Review article (GR) Pages 7-18 P. Anagnostis, V. Athyros, I.F. Godsland, A. Karagiannis   The prognostic value of adipokines in ischemic stroke Review article (GR) Pages 19-26 St. Bouziana, K. Tziomalos, Goulas, A.Ι. Ηatzitolios   Atherosclerosis in childhood and adolescence […]

Volume 2 – Issue 1 (July – December) 2014 (EN)

HELLENIC JOURNAL ATHEROSCLEROSIS (ENGLISH EDITION) OPEN ACCESS JOURNAL VOLUME 2 ISSUE 1 (JULY-DECEMBER) 2014   (Download the full issue in PDF)   Articles   2013 American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association guidelines for the management of dyslipidemias: Are they relevant for Greece? Review article Pages 5-8 K. Tziomalos, A. Karagiannis, V. Athyros PDF Inhibition of […]

Volume 5 – Issue 3 (July – September) 2014 (GR)

Updated guidelines of the Hellenic Society of Atherosclerosis for the diagnosis and treatment of dyslipidemia-2014. Hell J Atherosclerosis 2014, 5(3):151–163 Review (GR) Elisaf M, Pitsavos Chr, Liberopoulos Ev, Tziomalos K, Athyros V.   New therapeutic strategies for the treatment of type 2 diabetes mellitus.Hell J Atherosclerosis 2014, 5(3):164–167 Review (GR) Melidonis A.   Inhibition of […]

Volume 5 – Issue 2 (April – June) 2014 (GR)

A critical review of the new Guidelines for the management of overweight and obesity in adults. Hell J Atherosclerosis 2014, 5(2):79-91 Review (GR) Christou GA, Kiortsis DN.   New oral anticoagulant drugs and their role in acute coronary syndromes. Hell J Atherosclerosis 2014, 5(2):92-105 Review (GR) Tsoumani ME, Goudevenos JA, Tselepis AD.   Current role […]

Volume 5 – Issue 1 – (January-March) 2014 (GR)

CONTENTS American College of Cardiology/American Heart Association guidelines for the management of dyslipidemias Are they relevant for Greece? Hell J Atherosclerosis 2014, 5(1):7–10 Review (GR) Tziomalos K, Karagiannis A, Athyros V. 2013   Hypertension in children and adolescents Epidemiology and clinical significance. Hell J Atherosclerosis 2014, 5(1):11–15 Review (GR) Nika Th, Stabouli S, Kollios K, […]

Volume 1 – Issue 1 (July – December) 2013 (EN)

HELLENIC JOURNAL ATHEROSCLEROSIS (ENGLISH EDITION) OPEN ACCESS JOURNAL VOLUME 1 ISSUE 1 (JULY-DECEMBER) 2013  (Download the full issue in PDF)   Articles Impact of compliance with antihypertensive and lipid-lowering treatment on cardiovascular risk.Benefits of fixed-dose combinations Review article Pages 5-12 F. Barkas, Ev. Liberopoulos, M. Elisaf PDF Structural insights into the molecular basis of dyslipidemias […]

Volume 4 – Issue 3 – (July-September) 2013 (GR)

Disease Risk Models. Hell J Atherosclerosis 2013, 4(3):151-157 Review (GR) Panagiotakos D B. Cardiovascular   The impact of statin therapy on arterial stiffness Hell J Atherosclerosis 2013, 4(3):158-163 Review (GR) Mitsiou Ε, Kotsis V, Karagiannis A, Athyros V G.   Design of multifunctional molecules. A pharmacochemical approach applied to multifactorial diseases such as atherosclerosis. Hell […]

Volume 4 – Issue 2 – (April – June) 2013 (GR)

CONTENTS Effect of statins and other lipid-lowering drugs on serum 25(OH)VITD levels: A new pleiotropic effect? Hell J Atherosclerosis 2013, 4(2):79-85 Review (GR) Makariou S.E., Liberopoulos E N, Challa A, Elisaf M. The role of arterial hypertension in coronary atherosclerosis. Is it really an independent risk factor? Hell J Atherosclerosis2013, 4(2):86-95 Review (GR) Koskinas K C, Fragakis […]

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