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Volume 4 – Issue 1 (January – March) 2013 (GR)

The nutritional services through the health care system, on population’s health and longevity Review article (GR) Pages 8–18 St. Tyrovolas, Ev. Polychronopoulos, D.Β. Panagiotakos   Application of scores in prevention, treatment and prognosis of acute ischemic strokes Review article (GR) Pages 19–30 V. Papavasileiou, H. Milionis, K. Makaritsis, K. Vemmos, G. Ntaios Impact of compliance with antihypertensive […]

Volume 3 – Issue 3 – (July – September) 2012 (GR)

CONTENTS Beverages consumption and cardiovascular disease: A systematic review Original research article (GR) Pages 159-167 E. Trichia, Ch.M. Kastorini, D.B. Panagiotakos   Novel roles of vitamin D in pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease Review article (GR) Pages 168–177 S. Makariou, E. Liberopoulos, A. Challa, M. Elisaf Secondary analyses of JUPITER study Review article (GR) Pages 178–186 M. Kostapanos, […]

Volume 3 – Issue 2 – (April-June) 2012 (GR)

CONTENTS Athlete’s heart and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy in the “gray zone”. Parameters for differential diagnosis Original research article (GR) Pages 87-96 E.D. Pagourelias, E. Kouidi, G.K. Efthimiadis, N. Fragakis, P.G. Zorou, V. Athyros, A. Deligiannis, G. Giannoglou, P. Geleris, A. Karagiannis Interdialytic interval and serum asymmetric dimethylarginine levels among patients receiving haemodialysis Original research article (GR) Pages 97-102 […]

Volume 3 – Issue 1 – (January-March) 2012 (GR)

CONTENTS Nicotinic acid/laropiprant. Τhe greek clinical experience Original research article (GR) Pages 11-17 A. Kei, V. Athyros,2 E. Ganotakis, I. Ioannidis, H. Bilianou, St. Pappas, M. Elisaf   Familial hypercholesterolemia: On the pathway to molecular diagnosis Review article (GR) Pages 18-28 V. Metaxa, I. Skoumas, C. Pitsavos, C. Stefanadis   Τhe role of high density lipoproteins […]

Volume 2 – Issue 3 – (July-September) 2011 (GR)

CONTENTS Guidelines of the Hellenic Society of Atherosclerosis for the diagnosis and treatment of dyslipidemia Clinical Guidelines (GR) Pages 163–168 M. Elisaf, Ch. Pitsavos, E. Liberopoulos, V. Athyros Review of familiar hypercholesterolemia focused on medical management Review article (GR) Pages 169–178 O. Diakoumakou, G. Chatzigeorgiou, N. Gontoras, D. Dedekouzou, P. Lytras, P. Kontodima, G. Kolovou […]

Volume 2 – Issue 2 (April-June) 2011 (GR)

CONTENTS Nicotinic acid/Laropiprant. An overview of its clinical use Review article (GR) Pages87–94 Α. Kei, Ε. Liberopoulos, Μ. Elisaf The role of monocytes in atherosclerosis Review article (GR) Pages 95–101 M. Sarigianni, A. Tsapas, K. Paletas   Toll Like Receptors and atherosclerosis Review article (GR) Pages 102–111 E. Moutzouri, K. Tellis, M. Elisaf, A.D. Tselepis   Discriminating […]

Volume 2 – Issue 1 (January – March) 2011 (GR)

CONTENTS Inverse, but independent trends (1997–2007) in obesity and aerobic fitness levels among Greek children Original research article (GR) Pages 11-17 K. Tambalis, D. Panagiotakos, L. Sidossis Pro-oxidant anti-oxidant balance as a marker of oxidative stress in obese subjects Original research article (GR) Pages 18–24 M. Sarigianni, A. Tsapas, E. Mpekiari, K. Paletas Effects of […]

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