Executive Committee

The Hellenic Atherosclerosis Society is a non-profit Scientific Oragnization, founded in 2002, under the Greek Law and Constitution. The aim of our Society is to promote the educational needs and research activities in the field of Atherosclerosis in general and create the prerequisites for the improvement of the scientific foundation of our members.

The Executive Committee, which assembled after the June 2016 elections, is composed of the following members:All members of the Committee are elected for two years. The new elections will be held on July 2018.

       President:  Christos Pitsavos
       President Elect:  Demosthenes Panagiotakos
       General Secretary:  Κonstantinos Tziomalos
       Secretary for W.G.  Evangelos Liberopoulos
       Treasurer:  Helen Bilianou
       Members:  Vassilios Athyros
 Moses Elisaf
 Niki Katsiki
 Vasilios Kotsis
 Vassilios Nikolaou
 Alexandros Tselepis