Our Mission

The aim of our Society is to promote the educational needs and research activities in the field of Atherosclerosis in general and create the prerequisites for the improvement of the scientific background of our members.

The Hellenic Atherosclerosis Society (HAS) shall endeavour to achieve these objectives by:

  • promoting the exchange of existing knowledge through organization of scientific sessions at its annual and several local meetings
  • sponsoring symposia, conferences and workshops or co-sponsoring these with other scientific societies
  • fostering the introduction of new methodology
  • offering scholarships and travelling fellowships and financing research
  • promoting lifestyle modification and  public education on primary and secondary prevention of atherosclerosis and its manifestations

The members of the HAS  are physicians of various specialities (cardiologists, internists, endocrinologists, diabetologists, general practitioners ) and bio-scientists (dieticians, biochemists, epidemiologists and bio-statisticians ) interested in the study of atherosclerosis.

Hellenic Atherosclerosis Society has:

  • organized the 1st Pan-Hellenic Congress on Atherosclerosis in December 2004
  • organized the 1st Symposium of Working Groups in December 2005
  • co-held meetings with other groups/Societies, with relevant interests complementary to those of HAS

Pan-Hellenic Congress on Atherosclerosis is organized every two years, features about 6 international well-established keynote speakers and is being attended by about 1000 delegates.

The Symposium of the Working Groups, alternatively organized every two years, is also being attended by about 1000 participations.

Summer School in Athens is annually organized, features about 4 international well-established keynote speakers and is being attended by about 60 students (endorsed by European Atherosclerosis Society and International Atherosclerosis Society).

Τwo-day Scientific Meetings all over Greece are also annually organized, and involve about 200 participations.


The HAS publishes quarterly the “ Hellenic Journal of Atherosclerosis” , the official Journal of HAS. The first issue was published on October 2010 and is referring to the various subjects of Atherosclerosis and to the risk factors leading to it. The official language of the journal is English.

The HAS also publishes the “Guidelines for the diagnosis and treatment of  dyslipidemia

HAS has also planned and successfully accomplished the ATTEMPT study (Assessing The Treatment Effect in Metabolic syndrome without Perceptible diabeTes)

Until now the following funds have been awarded:

  • 6 MSc studies (successfully accomplished and still ongoing)
  • 21 Visiting research exchanges/training
  • 53 PhD studies (successfully accomplished and still ongoing)
  • 20 Research Studies (successfully accomplished and still ongoing)