The Hellenic Atherosclerosis Society grants annually scholarships for doctoral and postgraduate dissertations, in the context of organized educational postgraduate programs as well as scholarships for postgraduate studies abroad, aiming to promote research and education in the field of Atherosclerosis.

The amount granted for doctoral dissertations is 3.000 € given in 3 installments of 1000 € per year; depending on the progress of the dissertation. The amount granted for postgraduate dissertations is 1.500 €  given with the approval of the scholarship. Finally the amount for postgraduate studies abroad is 4.000 €  for one year educational programs and 2.000 € for one semester. Both grants are given with the approval of the scholarship.

Prerequisite for the scholarship is the subject of research of doctoral candidates and postgraduate students, as well as the subject of postgraduate studies abroad to relate to the subject of Atherosclerosis. Candidates should not receive funding from any other source or hold a paid position in the public or private sector.

Only Members of the HAS have the right to apply for scholarships.

If you wish to apply for a Scholarship you should download, use and send this form to our premisses: 3, Ionos Dragoumi Str., 11528, Ilissia, Athens, along with

  1. The study protocol
  2. Approval for elaborating the doctoral dissertation stating the title of the thesis and the appointment of the three member committee (for doctoral candidates) or the University certificate  for enrollment in graduate educational programs, as well as the name of the supervising professor (for graduate students)
  3. Curriculum vitae

Closing date for submissions is the 31st of May, each year.

The evaluation results of all applications submitted will occur in July, together with the disclosure of grant funding.