Volume 6 – Issue 4 (October-December) 2015 (GR)

Effect of statins in endothelial progenitor cell functionality.

Review article (GR)

Pages 223–231

V.G. Chantzichristos, A.D. Tselepis


Physiotherapy issues in coronary artery disease. Cardiac rehabilitation and exercise in patients after cardiac surgery

Review article (GR)

Pages 232–246

N. Stathopoulos, K. Koronakis, I. Dragatsi


Relationship of obstractive sleep apnea with cardiovascular disease and the role of lifestyle habits in the management of the cardiometabolic complications of the disease.

Review article (GR)

Pages 247–256

I. Kechribari, M. Georgoulis, M. Kontogianni, E. Vagiakis, N. Yiannakouris